Taleggio DOP

Taleggio DOP is an organic soft cheese made in the province of Bergamo in Val Taleggio. The casArrigoni cheese dairy is located in the mountains of Paghera di Tallegio and gets its milk directly on site from a farm with 120 cows.
The Taleggio DOP has a square shape with a typical pattern on the bark. Characteristic of the original Taleggio is the supple, pink-colored rind with a gray-green mold coating. It develops as it ripens. This development is supported by the daily brushing of the cheese with salt water. This gives this cheese specialty its special taste; Buttery, fully aromatic with a slight sweetness.

28.90 inkl. MwSt. (pro kg)


KUHMILCH*, Salz, Tierisches Lab
Allergene Zutaten: Milch
* = Zutaten aus ökol. Landbau, ** = Zutaten aus biol.dynamischem Anbau

zusätzliche Informationen

Herstellerland: Italien
Herstellerverband: EG – Bio
Hersteller: casArrigoni, I – 24010 Taleggio (BG)
Artikelnummer: 731735
Kilogrammpreis: €26.90


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