Duc de Bourgogne, Pfeffer

The Duc de Bourgogne with pepper is an organic soft cheese specialty from France. This special culinary delight made of pasteurized cow’s milk, cream and pepper is made in the heart of the Burgundian vineyards, between Beaune and Dijon. The traditional, craftsmanship of cheese making is also in the foreground in this region. The specialty of the Duc de Bourgogne lies in the ingredients. In addition to animal rennet and lactic acid cultures, the milk is also enriched with cream. This gives this soft cheese its double cream level and impresses with its creamy, melt-in-the-mouth texture.
A Spanish white wine goes well with it, as well as baguette and mixed rye bread

45.90 inkl. MwSt. (pro kg)


KuhMILCH*, RAHM*, 5% Schwarzer Pfeffer*, Steinsalz, tierisches Lab, Milchsäurekulturen
enthält folgende allergene Zutaten: Milch

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Herstellerland: Frankreich
Herstellerverband: Ecocert
Hersteller: Vallée Verte, D – 77694 Kehl-Auenheim
Artikelnummer: 012263
Kilogrammpreis: €41.90


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